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Vets League 2-Up 2-Down as normal

Veterans League

The Veterans League Secretary and I have both taken a fair number of queries over the past week about the League's intentions about promotion and relegation for the 2021 season. It is clear that a number of clubs and bowlers are getting nervous about their own positions so are seeking clarification on this important matter.

I have confirmed with the Veterans League General Secretary that promotion and relegation applies to all divisions of the 6-man and 10-man leagues with the traditional 2-up 2-down being applied as normal at the end of the season.

I believe that the same is also true of the Mirfield League although the Huddersfield Saturday League and the Ladies Works League have both stated that they will not be applying automatic promotion and relegation solely based on end-of-season league positions. If any League wishes to confirm any promotion and relegation arrangements for 2021 then I will be pleased to provide updates to local bowlers via the website. Contact Me

Thank you to Philip Walker for letting me know that the Brighouse Veterans League is not applying promotion and relegation to their league competition this season.

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