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Veterans League Half-Year Meeting

Veterans League

The Veterans League holds two General Meetings each year (unless there is a pandemic raging of course) which require the attendance of all member clubs. Failure to attend draws a £5 fine. The Annual General Meeting is held in February each year and there is a Half-Year General Meeting each October with the 2021 version to be staged on Tuesday 12 October at 2pm at Paddock I&C.

The Half-Year Meeting has two main objectives:

  1. To vote on any changes to League Rules

  2. To present all the trophies won by clubs and individuals in the year

There are a number of fringe reasons as well including notification from the Treasurer on any likely increase in league costs for the next season. This helps clubs decide on their own financial requirements and how these will be covered by members.

There are two proposed rule changes that have been circulated to all clubs and will be voted on at the meeting. Any change to a League Rule must attract a two-thirds majority of clubs for it to be added to the rule book. The two proposed changes to be discussed and voted on at this meeting are:

Rule change 1

Proposed by Netherton Conservative Club and seconded by Kirkheaton Conservative Club states: We, the undersigned, would like to propose a rule change. Instead of 10 men per team it is reduced to 8 men per team of which the format will be 2 pairs and 4 singles. Rule change 2

Proposed by Marsh United and seconded by Slaithwaite C&BC states: Amendment of Rule 1c, Page 52. Delete played over 50% of the total number of league matches Replace with won 50% of the total number of league matches

Both these proposed changes have been the topic of online polls on the website and whilst that may be a good indication of how clubs and bowlers are thinking the Half-Year Meeting vote will determine if they are to be added to the rule book or not.

For interest the results of the online poll were:

Rule Change 1 listed above received only 10% of the votes cast supporting the change so is a long way short of acquiring the two-thirds majority required. Poll Result

Rule Change 2 received 62% of the votes cast which would leave it just short of the 66% required for it to be added to the League Rules. Poll Result

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