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The Todmorden Academy has only been established this year in an attempt to encourage and facilitate new bowlers into our sport with increasing success. This report updates the progress being made and plans to build on the initial success of the scheme.

A gentle afternoon with healthy numbers on the greens. Academy visitors including 50% returners, playing proper bowls with scorecards. Which should make us think. So much in such a short time; almost two hundred bowling visitors since trials in June, opening on July 11th.

The number of experienced academy members who return to play more can only increase. There will also be those who wish to sharpen their bowling through systematic or occasional coaching sessions. While many people arrive to bowl in their own social group, from NEXT WEEK there will also be a round robin session, which allows for social bowling with others you don’t know.

After signing in, visitors will be allocated to teams of two or preferably three, who then play against other teams for a short while then change their opponents. Which team will amass most points? Not only bowling, but tactics, scorecards, measuring, etiquette and so on. So many positives possible!

For all of us, bowling in Centre Vale Park offers the opportunity to continue meet new people, make new friends and enjoy, in a genuinely playful and beautiful environment. There are only two weekends left until the end of the season. Can you make it?

You don’t have to bowl to be part of the Academy. Come along and watch, natter. Find out how you can help the work of the Academy. Enjoy soft drinks and freshly made cake. Electronic payments taken.

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