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Last month we reported on the opening of the 4-Greens Todmorden Bowling Academy and here is an update on how things are progressing. It is clear that with a little investment, some commitment and enthusiasm that bowling can thrive.

With our four greens, it’s easy to make space! Our three main coaches were busy with twelve new bowlers aged 4 to 64, while eight of our returning academy members quickly proceeded from the training circuit to play the game of bowls.

Regular club members watched and offered help before cracking on with their Sunday roll-ups. With almost thirty players, the greens were gently humming for the two hours.

Over a dozen enquiries about bowling in the Academy next week and others seeking to join the Association.

Overall a great weekend, with time well spent laughing and learning in fine weather, aided by low cost refreshments from the Pavilion. Thanks to sponsors and friends for enabling us with equipment; the Academy wouldn’t have started up without you!

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