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Looking ahead to another week to cross off the calendar before we can get back on the green but until then we can still talk about bowling, and we will.

Big week for some local leagues as officials face the difficult task of deciding when they can start the 2021 season. Leagues want to get up and running as soon as they can but are wary of the reluctance of some bowlers to return to bowling. Start too early and you run the risk of teams being short of numbers; leave it too late and you can't fit a full season into the time available and you miss out on good bowling times.

Our Survey2 looks at the dilemma facing leagues and bowlers and gives some indication of how bowlers are thinking at present. The full results of Survey2 and comparison against the outcomes of Survey1 will be online this week. We are also expecting further guidance from the BCGBA on what process clubs will have to follow to enable their greens to reopen, hopefully, that will become available this week as well.

Next Saturday (6 March) the Yorkshire CCGBA have an Executive Meeting when the 2020 Balance Sheet will be presented to members. We hope to have a copy of that to share with readers sometime soon along with any news of business conducted at that meeting.

'Name the Redundant Green' No.2 will be loaded and Round 3 will also be going online later this week and we expect to share any more local bowling news as it develops. You can always share your news with us through our Contact Form.

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