Quarter of bowlers not ready to bowl before June

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We have had 78 entries submitted to Survey2 in the first 24 hours and it remains open for more bowlers to come forward to tell us of their intent about when they intend resuming bowling. This is an interim report on some of the findings to date

Those 78 responses show that 24% of the bowlers are currently not ready to return to the green until the beginning of June at the earliest. Some much later, in fact 3% of respondents don't intend bowling again until 2022.

Can any League open before June confident that clubs can fulfil their fixtures when 24% of their bowlers make themselves unavailable? Less than half (46%) of the responses indicated that they would be ready to bowl again by the beginning of April. A full report will be made available after the survey closes.

Respondents are also asked what their concerns are about returning to bowling in their own words. Here are a few of those responses to date from the 56 entries that completed this question.

I’m keeping well clear of everything until next year

I want some scientific information that the Covid can’t transfer to those who have had the vaccine from those who haven’t that is my concern

Covid19 still in the population.

Nothing really if we are all carefully don't see a problem

That everyone understands the situation we are still in

Being fit enough

As long as people are sensible, I can't see a problem

This is a follow-up survey to the one undertaken last month. We are now asking 4 of the questions from Survey1 again so that we can gauge if people's opinions are changing and get the up to date position on how many bowlers are ready and waiting for a prompt start to competitive bowling. One question has been changed for Survey 2. Previously Question No.4 asked when do you think bowling will reopen. We now know the answer to that so instead we are asking what month you are prepared to resume league bowling.

This short 5-Question Survey will take you 2 minutes but will help leagues understand the current thinking of some of their bowlers on this important issue. We are running the survey three times over three months to gauge whether people's thinking changes at all over that period or not. This is the second of those three surveys.

Please take a short time to consider each of the 5 questions in the survey form below and then provide your honest response as to how you are feeling on each issue at present. The survey is completely anonymous and you can skip any questions you prefer not to answer. Thank you.

Any problems using the form below please click here to use an online form instead.

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