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The youngest-ever Huddersfield Merit winner


Following up on Dave Parkin's poser that he set on Sunday in identifying the youngest ever winner of the Huddersfield Merit. The only response came from Bill Blackburn who put forward his grandson George Turton who won the title in 2019 at the age of 21. Dave believes that date failed to beat the title success of Jack Dyson when he won it in 2010 also aged 21. Dave goes further than that by believing that these have been the two youngest winners of the title ever. I don't know how Dave knows all these details but he adds that Jack was 50 days younger than George when winning the title. He believes that in

  • 2010, Jack Dyson was 21 when he won it on June 20th (Born November 1988)

  • 2019, George Turton was 21 when he won it on July 14th (Born October 1997)

  • I think “Hoover” wins by less than 50 days

Dave would be interested to see the debate on who was the youngest before 2010 that 'Hoover' took the accolade off. For the record Paul Sigsworth was 25 in 1989 when he won the title. Do you know? Give us your best guess

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