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The John Hoyle Memorial Trophy

League News

This coming Friday sees the inaugural competition for the John Hoyle Memorial Trophy. The game is being hosted by Huddersfield Recreation at their Moldgreen Con home starting at 1.30 pm. The new trophy has been donated by John’s family and replaces the Select Players Competition (Lindley Trophy). The date of the event is also significant as Friday 24 September would have been John's 77th birthday.

Once again the trophy will be for the top players from the 1300 or so that are registered to play in HVBA leagues and competitions. A card of 16 from the Inter-District home and away teams will compete to be the first name on the trophy so we’re guaranteed to have some stunning bowling.

The players are all playing in honour of John Hoyle, one of their former team mates, General Secretary of this Association for five years and President when he sadly died from a long illness. John did so much work for the Association seeing membership grow substantially and orchestrating the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. He also worked tirelessly for Huddersfield Recreation in negotiating their move from Canalside to Moldgreen.

Many of John’s family will be in attendance on Friday, some travelling from all corners of the UK. All proceeds from the day, including £100 from Huddersfield Recreation, will be donated to Kirkwood Hospice.

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