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The Griffin 1979 and another JCB on the green

Continuing the saga of a JCB on The Griffin green to clear the way for the traditional Sunday competition and we have photographic proof courtesy of Hazel Rangeley.

The first photograph below comes from the Daily Mirror of 21 February 1979 and carries the story of the snowplough hired to clear the snow to enable the Stone Cup final to be played.

The photo shows Geoff Ellis of Slaithwaite in action on his way to the title of Stones Cup winner by beating county bowler Peter Jackson from Bradford in the final. Before then the snowplough cleared tons of snow to make way for the showpiece final. Conditions would have been unique for both bowlers with a skating or curling rink more suitable for the conditions underfoot rather than a crown green bowling match. On the way to the £170 cash prize Geoff ironically beat Norman Snowball whilst Peter Jackson defeated Gordon Cowgill 31-28 at the semi-final stage.

The photo below confirms the 1979 February date as to the first appearance of a snowplough on The Griffin green. Those were the days!

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