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The 5 named and shamed

League News

The Saturday League fixture programme starts tomorrow and will begin with 5 less teams than were declared as starters less than a week ago. The message on the Huddersfield League facebook page was clearly showing the frustration of the fixture secretary in trying to keep the league functioning despite the setbacks that were inflicted from within. In his own words he was 'absolutely livid with what has gone on' and he also warns that he is aware of two more teams that are on the brink of dropping out as well. His comments were widely supported by over 20 comments on the League's facebook page generally condemning those clubs that had withdrawn their teams at such late notice. I notice that all those comments and original posting appear to have been deleted from the site this morning.

Kirkheaton C&BC had previously been identified by the League on their facebook page as the first of the five to withdraw so it seems only right that the other four teams should also be named. They have all withdrawn from the League in the past 3 days and there are 3 teams from Hemplow (one each from Divisions 2, 3 and 4) and Marsh United 'B' from Division 4. All clubs have been advised to check their fixtures and venues on Bowlsnet with a number of forced changes especially for those teams in Division 4.

The Saturday League is different from all other local leagues in its structure which makes it difficult to use all the automatic fixture-setting features that come with Bowlsnet. This means that a lot of the work has to be done manually and is a lengthy and difficult exercise. I know from personal experience that Bowlsnet is wonderful in many aspects with the results reporting and fixture setting facilities being wonderful. But if your League varies from the standard then it can be of little use in helping the creation of a fixture programme and manual intervention is required. That is the case with the Huddersfield League with its neutral greens and playing each other team once format in some competitions and twice in others, so any late withdrawals means a full rewrite which will inevitably take several hours. To keep doing that must be so frustrating so I can fully understand the fixture secretary's rant, he has my sympathy.

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