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Team set to ignore the 50% rule

Veterans League

In a new development in the Veterans League Special General Meeting fiasco I have been told that one of the six clubs that were signatories to the formal letter is now preparing to ignore the 50% rule using a loophole to get around its restrictions. I have had the loophole explained to me. Next month, when the 50% limit has been reached by a number of their bowlers, they plan to play bowlers in their 6-Man League Division 1 team who have played over 50% of a club's matches in the 10-Man League.

That loophole will be totally against the spirit of the current rule but I also forecast that the League's Management Committee will allow them to do this as this team has good contacts in the Management Committee! This wouldn't be the first time this season that the Management Committee has supported one of their inner circle in finding ways around their own rules as previously highlighted on this website.

Did you know that 50% rule was introduced by the Management Committee in January 2021 but clubs have never voted in support of it's introduction? That's tomorrow's story.

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Jun 16, 2022

Anyone else noticed that 3 of the signatories DONT have teams in the 6 man league? Namely Almondbury BC, Kirkheaton Cons & Lowerhouses mmm interesting.

Jun 16, 2022
Replying to

But when a bowler becomes tied,doesnt that bowler get taken off the list of bowlers for lower divisions and 6 man divisions?

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