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Team KO this Thursday

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Veterans League

The opening round of the Veterans League Team KO competition is staged this Thursday with all matches starting at 1.30pm on neutral greens. This competition is for the 32 teams that finished with the highest league positions in the previous season. So that extends to all Division 1 and 2 teams plus the top 4 from Division 3.

However with Crosland Moor dropping out of the League just before the start of the season there are only 31 teams this year giving one team, Slaithwaite, a first-round bye. In addition, there have been two team withdrawals with Elland C&BC 'A' and Rastrick pulling out giving Waterloo and Golcar Lib 'B' passage through to Round 2.

Teams are handicapped based on those final 2021 league positions and the match format of 4 Singles and 3 Pairs is the same as for league matches. The only difference being that the scoring system is based on the total team aggregates only and in the event of a drawn match then the team with the most winners will pass through to the next round.

If you are looking for potential giant-killing openings then look no further than the Holmfirth 'A' v Longwood tie. Longwood have started slowly and are still looking for their first Division 1 win of the season whilst the Holmfirth outfit have had an impressive start to the campaign winning all their four Division 3 matches to date and currently head the table. In addition Holmfirth have a 20-point handicap start on their opponents with Longwood starting off scratch.

Lockwood Con 'A' have won this title for the last two competitions and they will try to go for the treble starting at Kirkheaton C&BC where they face Division 2 side Thongsbridge 'A' who have a 10-point handicap start on them.

Team Knock-Out 2022 Round 1 matches to be played on Thursday 28 April starting at 1.30pm

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