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Team KO biggest shock is - no shocks!

Veterans League

With 6 Division 1 teams facing lower division teams the expectation was that at least one of those Team KO ties would produce a shock result. That is not how it worked out as the only Division 1 casualties were two teams facing other Division 1 opponents which left Clayton West and Waterloo out of the competition.

Longwood eliminated Waterloo by the game count rule after the teams drew 121-121 on the aggregate score but Longwood won the game count 4-3 to progress. In the Quarter-Finals they will meet Kirkheaton Con 'A' which is a rerun of one of the semi-finals from last year when Longwood came out on top.

Lockwood Con 'A' continued their rigid defence of the title they have held for the last 2 years the competition has been run when putting out Division 2 outfit Hemplow 'A' who did really well to win 3 of the 7 games before going down 122-138.

Division 3 team Golcar Lib 'B' gave a good account of themselves as well before going down to Lindley Lib 'A' 146-141 and that has resulted in a last 8 comprised of all Division 1 teams. Those eight will go again on Thursday 14 July to finalise the semi-final line-up.

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