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Survey2 Results (Part 3)

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The final question in our survey invited responders to add a text message voicing any concerns they may have and 88 of you took up that invitation.

The message is that people are still very concerned about a range of potential problems, some of which will keep them from bowling just yet.

Here are all 88 answers to the question

What concerns you about returning to bowling in 2021?

  • Catching coronavirus

  • Other bowlers not having the jab.

  • If you are vaccinated and expert advice say risks are low, why not enjoy life again and play.

  • Not concerned about returning at all

  • Still concerned about car share to get to games.

  • Uncertainty of whether games will go ahead or not if bowlers need to self-isolate or are ill with virus.

  • Standards of hygiene procedures in place and if they are followed putting our health at risk.

  • Lack of social distancing by some.

  • Not all will have had vaccination at start of season.

  • Health and safety

  • I have no concerns for myself but worry that some clubs may find it difficult to field full teams until much later in the year and this in turn could affect the viability of leagues for 2021.

  • Since the roadmap was published and reading on a few bowling sites I think some people believe that all the issues/problems have already disappeared into thin air.

  • Nothing

  • Social distance

  • Nothing

  • That everyone understands the situation we are still in

  • Nothing really if we are all careful don,t see a problem

  • Nothing

  • Nothing really

  • Restrictions that may/will be imposed.

  • People not following the government's guidelines

  • Not enough players!

  • nothing concerns me, I have had 1st vaccine and am ready to start

  • I fear that people are becoming too fearful.

  • vaccine for all other players

  • Opening of facilities not just greens.

  • Allowing all the team to be there not staggered starts.

  • As long as people have had two jabs and adhere to current rules

  • I've no problem

  • mixing with a lot of people

  • Clubhouses being closed and no access to toilets

  • I'm keeping well clear of everything until next year

  • uncertainty as to effectiveness of vaccine

  • Being fit enough

  • Green not ready.

  • Social distancing still ongoing.

  • I want some scientific information that the Covid cannot transfer to those who have had the vaccine from those who haven't that is my concern

  • everybody is working to and keeping to the guidlines/rules.

  • Yes I would return to bowling in middle of May when we can meet up with more than 6 people when it becomes safe to do

  • Nothing

  • Catching covid

  • nothing we have been vaccinated lets think about living not dying

  • The safety of Clubhouses for refreshments and use of toilets.

  • Some Bowlers becoming a bit blaise about the Covid rules.

  • Pressure in the early weeks to play if team short of bowlers.

  • playing away matches where you don't know the extent to which the Club is following the rules.

  • Covid19 still in the population.

  • Having to mix with younger bowlers who will not have been vaccinated and questions regarding clubhouses and toilets still not answered, also travelling to matches if you still have to social distance.

  • Nothing.

  • The lack of covid safe facilities at all clubs and playing against players who have not/will not/can't receive the vaccine.

  • As long as people are sensible, I can't see a problem

  • toilets not being open

  • If clear guidance is given by YCCGBA and clubs follow it, then no concerns.

  • Travel arrangements for people who can't or don't drive.

  • Social distancing.

  • Only concern is access to

  • .to many restrictions on what you can do or not do lots of clubs will have different views

  • All clubs should be contacted before any fixtures are issued to make sure clubs can fulfil the fixture. Leagues should not just assume.

  • All clubs need to be following the guidelines regarding sanitising all areas, as visiting clubs will need to access certain facilities. Also social distancing MUST be adhered to.

  • If we follow the guidelines at the time of starting then all should be okay

  • None

  • Some bowlers have poor personal hygiene

  • Nothing

  • Catching covid or passing it on in unsafe covid venue's

  • Absolutely minimal risk of catching it on bowling green especially with vets

  • Losing matches.

  • Nothing really, it was shown with the Winter League that bowling can take place in a safe environment.

  • I haven't heard of anyone contracting the virus from bowling and the experts say that outdoor contact is very safe.

  • Clubs not being prepared

  • That some people will think everything is back to normal and stop precautions.

  • This thing is here to stay and we need to be aware of that.

  • People not distancing also club facility not adequately set up

  • health is priority

  • only people who have been vaccinated should be allowed to play unless medical reasons stop them having it as long as everybody has had at least one jab

  • All round safety re virus. Can't see being in place until the beginning June.

  • Nothing as long as we are sensible

  • Not everyone will have had a jab for whatever reason

  • Nothing at the moment so long as everyone is careful I don't see a problem but I can understand how some bowlers feel and don't want to start

  • Nothing provided everyone is sensible

  • Nothing

  • Playing against opponents that haven't been vaccinated

  • nothing if care is taken. ie keeping social distance etc

  • People not sticking to the rules.

  • Those that have made their minds up they are not having the vaccine.

  • The vaccine is not a cure just makes covid not as aggressive and whilst we've been sticking to the covid 19 rules why jeopardise everything for a game of bowls. If the government wasn't lifting restrictions till say June/July we wouldn't be bowling at all. To be honest its a tough one.

  • Playing against any Bowlers who have refused the Vaccine

  • Happy to play in Vets league after 2nd jab. Open age leagues definitely a no no until much later in year, if at all.

  • away matches, if car sharing is not an option to begin with

  • worried about coming into contact with young people who think they are immune to virus

  • Providing correct measures are in place I have no concerns at all.

  • No concerns about bowling outdoors.

  • Starting fixtures and unable to fulfil them

  • That social distancing will not be adhered to.

  • The 10 man vets league have a problem 4 men round a Jack not possible change the format

  • we should bowl own jacks

  • Amount of things that need to be shared.

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Mar 03, 2021

Trying to come to a conclusion for all theses comments is very difficult ranging from almost one third having no problems to some being quite fearful which probably reflects the wide ranging views of when bowlers are prepared to play.

Philip of Lindley

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