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Sun shines on the Div.3 bowlers on the Hill

Winter League

Even though the sun was shining at Primrose Hill Lib on Monday for the Division 3 matches it was still uncomfortable for the bowlers. Half of the green was in shadow and wrapped in the frost that had struck overnight. So woods bounced along noisily on the frozen surface until it reached the sun-tempered half when it started to slow down. Reading where the change was likely to happen became a real skill as bowlers had to beat the green as well as their opponent. That's winter bowling for you.

The shaded areas can be clearly seen on this selection of 35 photographs with the spectators having the luxury of sun-drenched patches they could resort to along with their hot-drinks in one hand and shading their eyes with the other to take in the double challenge facing the bowlers.

Use the side arrows to scroll through all 35 photos

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