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Step 3: Handshakes & Hugging allowed

Bowling News

Handshakes and hugging allowed but not compulsory - you decide!

The Roadmap back to normality will take another step forward next Monday (17 May) when significant constraints are lifted when Step 3 is reached. We still await the impact on bowling guidance from the BCGBA which will probably be next weekend which should interpret the high-level decisions highlighted at the Prime Minister's press conference yesterday.

What we do know is that from next Monday, there will no longer be a requirement for people gathering in groups of six or two households to stay two metres apart, as the current guidance says. Instead, those in a group will be free to judge for themselves whether they should hug, shake hands and sit near each other. Official government social distancing rules for people in groups were replaced with guidance which says they "can make a personal choice on whether to keep your distance".

So handshakes and hugging are back on the agenda along with clubhouses being reopened. We await the BCGBA interpretation on hospitality, car-sharing and spectators with the indication leaning towards spectators at bowling matches being allowed as long as the total of participants and spectators does not exceed 30.

Again awaiting confirmation but Track & Trace records are still likely to be required. Looking further ahead and the signs are good for a further reduction in controls for Step 4 which comes into force on 21 June when the vast majority of such controls are expected to be phased out then.

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