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Small grant scheme extended

Bowling News

The Return to Play small grant scheme has extended its deadline until the end of June. This scheme will provide grants of between £300 and £10,000 to bowling clubs needing financial support to prepare themselves for the return to playing later this year.

There are some rules as you would expect with the main one being that your sports facilities have to reopen for members within 6 weeks of the Government relaxing the rules associated with our sport.

The Return to Play Small Grants fund seeks to help support sport and physical activity groups, clubs and organisations in responding to the immediate challenges of returning to play in a Covid-safe manner.

This could include contributing to covering the costs incurred by having to deliver activity in smaller groups than normal, or having the correct hygiene and safety equipment. Funding could be used for minor amendments to facilities, additional sports equipment, signage, sanitation and training courses to help you deliver your activities safely. Details

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