Slaithwaite win JFT League

Veterans League

Slaithwaite have won the League phase of the Julie Fuller Trophy after a final day 79-54 win over Longwood who finish in 4th position to also go through to the Semi-Finals of the Knock-Out phase from where the eventual 2021 Champion will emerge.

There are no trophies for success in the league phase of the competition as the new format was introduced to provide more bowling for more bowlers in response to the pandemic.

Also through to the Semi-Finals are Marsh United and Honley Con who progress despite taking a 5-point penalty for playing an ineligible player in their final match.

That action seems to have touched a nerve somewhere as a new posting on the 6-Man League Bowlsnet opening page seems to indicate a change in competition rules by making reference to the League Rule which states that ...

"Any team playing an ineligible bowler in a Knock-Out match shall be expelled from that competition for that season. Clubs and players transgressing this rule may be fined as determined by the Management Committee."

It is unclear which rule will be enforced for the semi-finals - the one quoted above or the one introduced for the Julie Fuller Trophy and enforced on all rounds up to date which just inflicts a 5-point penalty for playing ineligible bowlers. There is a Management Committee meeting next Monday from which some clarity may emerge.

The draw for the Semi-Finals should be announced soon and the matches will take place on Friday 20 August on neutral greens.

The unofficial final league table is below.

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