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Saturday Leagues numbers tumble

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Looking across a number of Saturday leagues there has been a considerable drop in team numbers for the 2021 season. The latest addition to our records is the Sheffield Parks League who have just published their fixtures for the coming season and this shows a worrying 18.5% drop in teams competing. This is the second biggest fall in team numbers that we have seen and still some way short of the disastrous 25% drop in the Bradford League.

A number of leagues have still to construct and publish their 2021 fixtures including the Huddersfield League but this is a worrying trend for the sport's signature leagues. To date we have been unable to find any Saturday league that has actually increased team numbers. As more leagues publish their fixtures we will continue to add to this listing.

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Apr 28, 2021

Big variations in the number of reduced teams with an average of around 13 %.

Interesting to see numbers for the Huddersfield Saturday League in due course.

Philip of Lindley

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