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The front page of the Huddersfield Saturday League Bowlsnet page gives an insight as to when the season might start and a couple of deadlines before then. Entry for teams for the 2021 season has now been closed. The other decisions are as the League's front page from Bowlsnet which says ...

As a committee we have had a meeting to discuss the best possible way forward this year and that will be as follows:

  • Teams will play each other once this season on a neutral venue.

  • The season will commence the beginning of June at the earliest and will not continue beyond the end of September.

  • Teams will not be promoted or relegated as a result of this year's final standings. Teams positions in what would have been the 2020 season will be carried forward to 2022 when hopefully everything will be back to normal.

  • Clubs can enter 12, 10 or 8 man teams but again what would have been your 2020 season position will be carried forward to 2022 even if you choose to drop down to a smaller team for just this season.

  • Yorkshire cup and Competition clashes will be avoided where possible.

  • Transfers need to follow the usual procedure with a new deadline of 31st May. Anything after that will be charged the higher amount as per the rules.

  • Handbooks will not be produced for this year

  • There will be no charge to clubs for entering teams for this coming season.

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