Rule change withdrawn

Veterans League

The proposed rule change to the Veterans League rule book that asked clubs to support a change in the number of players in a team from 10 down to 8 has been withdrawn.

The two clubs, Netherton Con and Kirkheaton Con, that put the proposal in writing have decided to withdraw their proposed change which will now not be voted on at the meeting later today. Maybe it was the HuddWeb Poll result that influenced that decision as this showed that only 10% of bowlers were in support of the change when there is a need for 66% support before any rule can be changed

As far as we are aware the other proposed rule change is still going to be put to member clubs and that is:

Rule change proposed by Marsh United and seconded by Slaithwaite C&BC states:

Amendment of Rule 1c, Page 52.

Delete played over 50% of the total number of league matches

Replace with won 50% of the total number of league matches

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