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Rest of the Committee business

Winter League

You will have read all about the draw for the Last 20 of the Winter Cup and about the proposal to start a new Friday Winter League but there was also other business conducted at the Management Committee meeting on Thursday.

In keeping with our policy of sharing everything we do and remaining transparent about why and what we are doing here is a catch-up on other League business conducted at the meeting held at Milnsbridge BC on Thursday.

  1. Plans for 2023-24 Season Planning for next season has started on the assumption that there will be 8 new teams joining the League which will lead to a Division 6 being created. At present there are two formal applications to join the League and they have come from Outlane and Broad Oak. Closing date for new team entries for 2023-24 season is Monday 3 July. Interest in becoming a host green to provide a home for Division 6 teams has led to one club expressing an interest and a meeting to progress this has been arranged with them for early March.

  2. Winter Cup 2023 Measurers and scorers are required for the Round of the Last 20 and also Finals Day, both of which are to be staged at Springwood. Finals Day is being held on Sunday 16 April when some additional car parking becomes available at the cul de sac just above the green entrance. In addition car parking at the KMC Springwood car park is £1 for all day on a Sunday.

  3. End-of-Season Party Once all the tickets held back for award winners have been claimed then it will be known how many, if any, tickets will be available to satisfy the reserve list. Tables are to be reserved for all club groups of four or more. The event includes the presentation of awards, entertainment from a lady singer, raffle and one game of Stand-up Bingo with pie 'n' peas served to all.

  4. First Aid Discussion turned to the League's obligation to ensure that bowlers can be looked after in the event of a medical emergency. Usually when matches are played the home club is well represented and such matters as where the First Aid Kit is kept and the nearest defribulator are well known to many home bowlers. To this end all host clubs are to be asked to ensure that signage pointing to key medical facilities are well displayed at their green. In addition the arranging of a basic 2-hour First Aid training course covering life-saving techniques is to be investigated which will be provided free of charge to any bowler who wishes to attend. More details as they become available.

  5. Matchday Fees A proposal to increase matchday fees to bowlers to £3 per bowler from the current £2.50 was defeated.

  6. Pairs Games A proposal to introduce a maximum number of ends to pairs games was defeated.

  7. Scorecards It was agreed in principle to once again to provide sufficient free scorecards to all teams for the 2023-24 season at a cost still to be confirmed.

  8. Guest Bowlers There was some concern that one team had abused the Guest Bowler rule last season and this is to be investigated further to ensure that there is full compliance for next season.

  9. Rule Changes Two rule changes were agreed by the Committee and these will be placed before member teams at the Half-Year Meeting which will be held in the last week in March, date, time and venue to be confirmed. Both rule changes relate to guest bowlers. The first is just a switching of the order of Match Play rules 3 and 4 which will make it easier to understand. The second is introducing a rule that all guest bowlers must become members of the club they are representing in the League.

  10. Finance Report The Treasurer reported a balance of £548.40 after all outstanding commitments have been settled. He proposed, and it was agreed, to make a donation of £50 to Milnsbridge BC for the use of their club facilities for our meetings over the past year.

The full written record of the meeting will be produced in due course and added to the website where anyone can view these and all past meeting records.

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If guest bowler’s have to be a member of the club, what criteria will it be then for a guest bowler?

Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin
Feb 25, 2023
Replying to

If a bowler has played a match in the past season for that club then they cannot be a guest bowler. If they haven't played a match in the past season for that club then they can be a guest bowler. The rule is to help clubs where regular members have been upset by bowlers who have avoided the responsibilities of club membership (fees etc) but then represented the club in the Winter League.

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