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This week we published the 250th posting on the HuddWeb website in just the 80 days (averaging over 3 postings a day) since we opened for business on 13 November last year. The number of visitors to the website is also on the increase with an average of 219 visitors per day during the 31 days of January which is a 5% increase on the December figures.

The most visitors in a single day since the website started is exactly 300. That was on 24 November last year and the top number in a single day in December was 291 and last month the best was 288. February has started well numbers-wise with 262 visitors yesterday and that will help to push the monthly average up again we hope. No bowling at all in January to report on so once we do get some bowling to talk about we would like to think that these stats would shoot upwards again then.

Every month I get a report on website statistics, a lot of them don't mean very much but there are some interesting ones tucked among the masses. Last month we had over 6,300 visitors to the website and 55% of those did so through a desktop or laptop computer, 7% through tablet devices whilst 38% (over 2,300) were from people using mobile phones. Isn't it amazing how mobile phones have become so much more than just a means to telephone people.

A few of our regular visitors to the website come from abroad and the most popular countries accessing the site in the most frequent order are Portugal, Malta, Spain, Poland and Russia. I can imagine some retired Yorkies spending their days in some of the sunnier places on that list - but Russia!!? I wonder what the Ruskies make of crown green bowling?

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