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Rastrick win for first time in 2 years

Winter League

Review of the Division 2 matches played on Wednesday 7 December

Congratulations to Rastrick 'A' for their first League win since 22 December 2020 as they beat Denby Dale 6-2 in a Division 2 match this Wednesday at Springwood.

Rastrick 'A' are original members of the Winter League and enjoyed a good opening season when winning 4 of their 9 matches in a COVID-shortened season. That resulted in them becoming members of the top division for the following 2021-22 season when they lost all 16 fixtures to finish bottom of Division 1 and were duly relegated for this season.

Back on the Springwood green they had been unable to recapture that opening season form when losing their first six matches of the current season. That took their total to a losing run of 22 matches and inevitably a bottom place in the table but that all changed this week. OK they are still bottom but they can now see light at the end of the losing tunnel and with hopes renewed on preserving their Division 2 status and avoiding a second successive relegation with half of the season still to go.

There was another surprise result when Jackson Bridge played above their third-from-bottom position when beating third-from-top Lowerhouses 'B' 6-2 but that resulted in no change to their respective league positions. Lindley BC 'B' retained and extended their winning record making it 7 straight wins this season when overcoming Lockwood Con 6-2 to head the Division 2 table by 10 points with half the season completed. It got even better for the leaders as they were the only winners in the top five as Springwood 'A' and Milnsbridge 'A' shared the points 4-4 so every team stay in the same position that they were prior to this week's fixtures.

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