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R.I.P. Sid Goodwin

Updated: Jan 30

Rest in Peace

Long-time Meltham bowler Sid Goodwin passed away on Saturday morning aged 100. Sid played his last match for the Meltham Veterans 6-Man League team at New Mill in October 2022. He was aged 98 at that time and he signed off in style with a 21-2 away win with his partner Michael Howlett. Sid played 14 pairs matches that season with four different partners. Truly remarkable.

Sid's funeral will be at St Bartholomew's Church, Meltham at 1pm on Tuesday, 20 Feb meeting afterwards at Meltham Community Centre. Family only at the Crematorium.

Sid's Meltham teammate Alan Starkey remembers his friend with this final tribute.

It was Sid that introduced me to bowling.  “Come bowling.” He’d say. “I’ve no bowls” I replied.  Then he found his father’s bowls in the garage and I had no more excuses. I remain grateful that he persisted.

Sid was a long-standing member of Meltham Bowling Club, usually playing in the 6-man team which he captained for many years.  He was proud to win the Julie Fuller trophy one year whilst captain.

Sid preferred to play in the pairs, preferably the second bowler. He became well-known (or is that notorious) for sending his last bowl to end up on the jack, His opponents were frustrated when they were lying 2, 3 or even 4 up, Sid sent his last bowl and it would bounce off others, once off three, to end up on the jack and win the point.  It became known to his fellow bowlers as “Doing a Sid!” and was often shouted, “Do a Sid!” to encourage others to emulate him.

Sid had long-lasting pairs partners, particularly John Holden and later George Cushing.  He and George had a combined age of 189.  Many of their opponents would underestimate them because of their ages.  Sid and George proved that age is no barrier and won many of their matches.

Sid introduced me to bowling and I shall be forever grateful. I’ll miss him and so will many others.

Alan Starkey

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