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Proper Winter Bowling weather this week

Winter League

If any of the bowlers new to the Winter League wondered what it would be like bowling during the Winter months they got a taste of that on Monday as the Division 3 and 4 matches went ahead. The cold, misty start gave way to wet weather which became heavier as the day went on. This coupled with the wet conditions last Thursday at Netherton made sure that all the new bowlers have now had a sample of what proper Winter bowling is all about.

The persistent fog eventually gave way to the rain as the bowlers once again ignored the weather to concentrate on their bowling at Lindley Lib on Monday afternoon. Two team photos from Division 4 - Lindley Lib 'B' and Kirkheaton C&BC - with a further 17 action photos taken at Lindley Lib yesterday.

I would normally have moved on to Thorpe Green to capture the action in that Division 3 fixture programme but I had to go home and shout at the England football team for the 1pm kick-off. However Mike Ralph was on duty there and you can go down to the foot of this posting to see the 10 photos he submitted for publication.

Lindley Lib 'B'

Kirkheaton C&BC

Action photos from Lindley Lib

Use the border arrows to scroll though this selection of photos

Action photos from Thorpe Green

Use the border arrows to scroll though this selection of photos

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