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Poll Update: 76% say that bowling is safe

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Your views on how safe bowling is as we continue to learn to live with the pandemic continue to come in via our online poll. There were 25 votes cast in the first 24hours and some of the headlines from those so far are:

  • 76% of voters said that they felt safe bowling

  • 100% of voters had received at least one jab

  • 56% of voters said that they were happy to shake hands with their opponents

  • Only 13% of voters said that they used the NHS Track & Trace App at every match

  • 88% of voters were aged 60 or over

A full report on all the findings will be provided once the poll closes at 10pm on Friday evening.

This is what the poll is about:

Now that the season has started for almost all our local leagues we thought it was time to review how seriously clubs and bowlers are taking the COVID-19 safety guidance. Time for another poll where we ask you about your experiences on matchdays. Are the clubs you playing at providing proper arrangements to safeguard your health? Do they provide sanitiser? Do they record your attendance for Track & Trace? Similarly, are your fellow bowlers also acting in a proper manner by observing the social distancing guidance?

We are also interested to learn of your reaction to the choices you now have about returning to normality. Are you shaking hands with your opponents before and after a game, even though you are permitted to do so now? Have you decided not to bowl at all yet?

Do you feel that bad habits are seeping into the matchday experience? Tell us about what good and poor practice you have seen and let us know if this has put you off bowling anymore for the present time.

The poll is entirely anonymous and all questions are optional, just skip any you are not prepared to answer at present. The poll will close at 10:00pm on Friday. Thank you for your help.

Any problems using the form below please use this link to go to the online option of the same form.

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