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Poll: Now only 7 in 10 bowlers ready to bowl

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Poll Update

The poll we are currently running now has 93 votes cast and there is a marked shift over the last 24 hours towards fewer bowlers making themselves available for the start of the League season.

Yesterday we reported that 79% of the voters indicated they would be available for selection for the start of League season (beginning of May). Since then that number has dropped to 72% so pointing to only 7 in 10 bowlers being ready to restart bowling in time for the resumption of the League programmes.

So in a 10-man team you could have 3 of your bowlers unavailable for selection. If you have a club 'B' team then they would be 6 bowlers short. This is not the news that any club wants to hear but this is not a time to hide your head in the sand. Can your club sustain that level of loss? Does your club know which bowlers are ready to bowl or have they made some assumptions?

One in 6 of the voters indicated that they were not prepared to bowl until after they had received their 2nd vaccination. Below is the latest breakdown of votes as at 2:00pm Sunday 28 March

Still time for you to cast your vote by selecting one of the options from the list below and then submit the form to add to the total number of votes. The poll closes at 5:00pm on Monday.

The voting forms below and on the homepage are the same and invite you to vote on when you expect to resume bowling again. Simple One-Click response.

The poll only allows you to vote once.

Open to all crown green bowlers everywhere.

Your vote is totally anonymous.

You can VIEW the number of votes for each option at any time and as many times as you like.

One-click is all it takes. This poll is just for information, no ulterior motive but might be helpful to some clubs and leagues and of general interest to bowlers everywhere.

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Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin
28 mar 2021

I was probably less explicit than I should have been in the introduction of the poll. The poll question should have said what is the first point in these options are you prepared to bowl. I hope most voters answered in that manner. That would result in the interpretation I brought when saying that 72 % of the bowlers are not ready to bowl at the start of the season. Regardless of the result of the poll what will be will be and we wont know that until the season starts. Here's hoping that all teams can find full numbers and give us a good start to the season.

Me gusta

Treat this as a 1 off season the vets 10 man teams should be reduced to 8 and play just singles

no doubles this would make easier to field a full team,remember social distancing still applies,

Me gusta

28 mar 2021


May I ask a question on the interpretations of the survey. 72% say they will be available for the start of the season at the beginning of May.

Also 1% are prepared to play after the first vaccination and a further 17% are prepared to play after the second vaccination.

If these bowlers are predominantly Vets bowlers then by the beginning of May, when the Vets League starts, most will have had, not only the first vaccination, but also their second vaccination. So, are these bowlers prepared or not to play at the beginning of May ?

If so, then nearer to 90% will be prepared to play at the beginning of May.

Am I missing something ?

Me gusta
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