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Poll goes 3/5 against club fines

Veterans League

The quick poll we put online over the last 3 days resulted in a consistent series of results as regards the proposed introduction to a range of £10 fines for clubs not adhering to five of the League Rules. If the results of the poll are confirmed at the Half-Year Meeting of clubs then only two of the five proposed rule changes will meet the two-thirds majority required to add them to the League's rulebook.

There were 46 entries to the poll so making 31 supporting votes the target to reach the two-thirds target. The two to meet that figure and which would attract £10 fines in the future were for not being represented at a general meeting (36 votes) and for not providing access to toilets (41 votes). The other three proposals all fell short of the target. Whether that outcome is replicated at the League's meeting on 16 October in Meltham remains to be seen.


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