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Peter Muff's bequests and memories

Updated: Feb 26, 2023


Upon hearing that former Examiner Sports Writer Peter Muff had left a donation in his will to five bowling leagues in Huddersfield I thought I would just search out one of Peter's many articles to share with you. It seems that Peter bequeathed 1/50th of his estate to five different leagues and, I am told, that equates to £7,000 to each of those leagues.

I hope that they all decide to do something appropriate with that windfall and not just let it contribute to the day-to-day costs of running their league. Maybe a development fund that clubs could bid for support for a club initiative to further and promote bowling in the town or even passing it over to the Huddersfield Bowling Development Association to aid them in their quest to promote bowling right across the town.

The Peter Muff article I have selected to share with you looks back at some of the bowling greens that are no longer around, it was a growing list even in 1999 when the article was published. It is an even longer list now. I recall researching lost greens a few years ago for the bowling website I had founded back then and I will be using this excuse to dig them out and republish some of them again. For now enjoy Peter Muff's article as he laments the loss of some of the town's bowling greens.

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