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Pairs Trophy recovered

Ladies Works League

Yippee - The Missing Trophy Has Returned

We are delighted to let you all know that the Pairs Trophy has been found and is now in our possession. You may recall that an earlier posting highlighted that we had spent a considerable amount of time trying to locate this trophy that was last played for in 2019. Several people were involved in this quest, past winners, various clubs, and engravers, all to no avail.

So where did the trophy turn up? Well we said we would probably be surprised at its whereabouts and we certainly were. It’s too embarrassing to say just where - and no it wasn't in any of our garages as someone suggested.

Anyway, all that really matters is that it is safely back home and ready to be presented hopefully at this year's competition. A record of all the past winners has now been completed as is available to view under League History.

Many thanks again to everyone involved in the search.

The Committee.

23rd May 2021

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