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Over-80's KO Finals Day line-up

Veterans League

The four semi-finalists for the Veterans League Over-80's KO are now known after the latest round of matches held on Friday at Marsh Lib.

They include Frank Greenwood of Golcar Lib as the 2018 winner of this competition and also the runner-up from the last time the competition was held in 2019, Gordon Walker of Kirkheaton Cons.

These two are kept apart in the semi-finals and they will face Geoff Firth of Elland C&BC and Roy Sutton of Meltham.

As is the tradition the completion of the Over-80's KO will double up with the Final of the Julie Fuller Trophy with the two Over-80's KO Semi-Finals taking place first, followed by the three pairs format of the Julie Fuller Trophy Final and then the Final of the Over-80's. Beware it always rains heavily on this day, and that is a tradition as well.

Both finals will take place at Kirkheaton C&BC on Friday 3 September.

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