Over-70s 2019 Final Replayed

Veterans League

The Preliminary Round of the Veterans League Over-70s KO was played yesterday at Brockholes with a wonderfully balanced rerun of the 2019 Final played out with a different result this time around.

The last time this competition was run was in 2019 when Dennis Garner of Netherton Con beat Roger Stopford of Rastrick in the Final. So Dennis has held this title for 3 years until he faced Roger once again but this time in the opening round of the 2022 competition. At 20-20 it was anyone's game but a decisive lead from Roger saw him take the match by the narrowest of margins.

All the results are below along with the revised Round 1 draw which will be played on four greens on Friday 2 June. Two rounds being played on that date to get the numbers down to 8 for Finals Day which will be held at Lockwood Con on Friday 16 June. One match that stands out sees the two Chapman brothers going head to head at Dalton and the only match involving two Scratch bowlers sees Inter-District teammates Tony Clegg and Mick Cox facing each other at Thorpe Green.


M Hollingdrake (5) Hudds Rec 16-21 M Ralph (5) Springwood

P Rangeley (3) Meltham 16-21 M Chapman (3) Golcar Lib

A Chapman (3) Meltham 21-19 J Jacklin (3) Kirkheaton Con

M Lee (5) Almondbury Lib - Scratched T Sykes (3) Marsh Utd

T Poulter (Scr) Clayton West 21-17 B Walsh (3) Meltham

D Garner (4) Netherton Con 20-21 R Stopford (Scr) Rastrick

P Swinden (3) Meltham - Scratched M Thornton (3) Lindley Lib

I Crawford (3) Longwood 21-17 J Pix (5) Springwood

Edwin Haigh (Scr) Clayton West 21-16 P Winterburn (4) Netherton Con

ROUND 1 Matches to be played on Friday 2 June at 1.30pm

At Netherton Con
R Mudd (3) Waterloo             v  Eddie Haigh (Scr) Lockwood Con 
R Lunn (3) Waterloo             v  M Waddington (6) Meltham    
F Greenwood (Scr) Golcar Lib    v  G Walker (3) Kirkheaton Con      
F Griffin (Scr) Waterloo        v  B Ellis (3) Meltham           

At Thorpe Green
M Gilbert (Scr) Clayton West    v  R Jackson (3) Waterloo       
J Portelli (6) Meltham          v  R Sutton (4) Slaithwaite     
P Kain (Scr) Lockwood Con       v  B Hallas (7) Almondbury Lib  
T Clegg (Scr) Marsh Utd         v  M Cox (Scr) Lockwood Con     

At Marsh Lib
R Armitage (4) Thongsbridge     v  G Stockton (7) Almondbury Lib 
J Sharp (3) Rastrick            v  D Peacock (6) Milnsbridge  
F Wrathall (5) Meltham          v  G Fellows (3) Slaithwaite  
P Clay (4) Milnsbridge          v  M Ralph (5) Springwood     

At Dalton
M Chapman (3) Golcar Lib        v  A Chapman (3) Meltham       
T Sykes (3) Marsh Utd           v  T Poulter (Scr) Clayton West
R Stopford (Scr) Rastrick       v  M Thornton (3) Lindley Lib   
I Crawford (3) Longwood         v  Edwin Haigh (Scr) Clayton West 

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