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New Year Revolution!

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Will it really be a Happy New Year or a rerun of the problems of 2021? The signs are certainly more promising than they were a year ago. The vaccine has been a real game-changer in how we are now living our lives and hopefully we will continue to learn to live with COVID and its succession of variants.

A year ago we weren't allowed to bowl and the summer season was under a real threat. That rescinded in time for most leagues to get themselves organised and provide some measure of competition and those that maintained a near-to-normal experience are likely to benefit most from that approach as we move towards a full normal season this year hopefully.

Hopefully any threat to normality will not prevent the Winter League from fulfilling a full season of fixtures as it fell short of doing last year as Lockdown3 finally ended all hopes. The growth in participation shows the demand there can be for our sport and the signs for further expansion are already evident and it looks like winter competitive team bowling is here to stay.

Some additional financial help for bowling clubs is about to be unveiled with grants of around £2,700 becoming available through Kirklees MC to help clubs survive through the lead-up to the 2022 bowling season. Another plus to look forward to.

It is not a New Year Resolution but more a New Year Revolution as the new inter-league initiative to encourage new bowlers to try out our sport takes hold. This is an important local development that will hopefully rekindle the interest in crown green bowling in Huddersfield. As more details are agreed between participating leagues and clubs then we can look to introduce our sport to a new generation of bowlers. This is an important stage in the history of bowling with the alternative being that our sport is confined to history if we don't pick up on the challenge. We will all be hearing much more about this as plans are developed in readiness for the start of the summer season.

So with some optimism, we wish you all a Very Happy New Year with the hope that health matters will not be at the top of the headlines in the sporting calendar and instead we can be a lot more positive about looking forward to talking about, watching and participating in, bowling right through 2022.

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