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New bowling coaches course arranged

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Bowling News

The BCGBA bowling coaches training day has been provisionally arranged for Friday 20 May at Lindley BC. Currently, 14 local new coaches have come forward to work through the assessment and qualification session to be conducted by the BCGBA partner Coach Bowls. All have been funded from a grant obtained by the newly formed Huddersfield Bowls Development organisation which is comprised of 11 local leagues.

It is then anticipated that the 14 new coaches will lead a number of open sessions to be held on Sunday 29 May with the venues to be confirmed. These being part of the national initiative Bowls Big Weekend over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Following that the coaches will be making themselves available to lead club-based training sessions covering bowlers at all levels. Exciting times for those interested in the future of our sport.

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