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Name the Redundant Green No.3

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

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Name the Redundant Green No.2 reduced the number of 100% records from 15 to 9 as things became a little more difficult. Let's see if we can reduce those numbers even further with No.3 which is set out below. Before then we share the two answers from last time around.

Name the Redundant Green No.2 Answers:

Spen Ex-Servicemen Newsome Cleckheaton

LEADER BOARD 4 - Martin Holt, Jeff Mellor, David Catherine, Andrew Carter, J&D, Maurice Nicholson, Alan Fawcett, John Hodgson, Pat Hodgson

3 - Mike Thornton, Peter Read, Alan Brown, Bob Haigh, Mike Pointon

2 - Norma Maxwell, Malcolm Gilbert,

HOW TO ENTER All you have to do is identify the two redundant greens from the pictures below and complete the entry form below. Also below is a list of 50 local greens that have disappeared over time. I will be indicating how many of the greens in question each round are included in that list. Looking at the two greens set to test you today both of them are included in the listing of 50 Redundant Greens in Huddersfield.

Some of the photos that will appear in this series show the greens in their hay-day whilst others will show them in their devastating decline. All the greens hosted teams that played in Huddersfield, Mirfield or the Heavy Woollen leagues.

TODAY'S CLUE: both of today's mystery greens are included in the list below of 50 Redundant Greens.

One point for each green correctly identified. I'm keeping a running total of the best scores but this is just for fun, no prizes. The closing date for No.3 is late on Saturday and the answers along with 'Name the Redundant Green 4' will be online on Sunday.



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