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Name the Redundant Green No.1

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A brand new Name the Green competition but the angle this time is that none of these greens is still in use today. Name the Redundant Green will test your memory and will favour the older bowlers signing up for this competition.

However, there is one major difference to previous competitions in that I will be giving the same clue in each round of the competition. Below is a list of 50 local greens that have disappeared over time. I will be indicating how many of the greens in question each round are included in that list. For a start and looking at the two greens set to test you today both of them are included in the listing.of 50 Redundant Greens in Huddersfield.

Some of the photos that will appear in this series show the greens in their hay-day whilst others will show them in their devastating decline. A gentle introduction then to encourage as many of you as possible to enter this opening round I can tell you that both of today's mystery greens are included in the list above of 50 Redundant Greens.

One point for each green correctly identified. I'm keeping a running total of the best scores but this is just for fun, no prizes. The closing date for No.1 is late Sunday and the answers along with 'Name the Redundant Green No.2' will be online on Monday.


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