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Name the Foreign Green 10

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Bowling News:

Round 10 of our Name the Foreign Green competition challenges you to name the three pictured greens from outside of Huddersfield but within 15 miles of the town centre.

Let's start by reminding you of Round 9 of our competition where we challenged you to identify Mirfield Cricket & Bowling Club, Cleckheaton Sports and finally Wakefield Sports.

The top five contenders all correctly identified all three mystery greens. There were other all correct entries as well so little change at the top of the leaderboard. You are getting too good at this but I try once again to test out those memories as you probably haven't even seen any of these greens for 18 months!

Name the Foreign Green 9 Answers

Mirfield C&BC Cleckheaton Sports Wakefield Sports

The leader board currently looks like this:

25 Jeff Mellor

24 Springwood Exile, Frank Richardson

23 Dave Turner, John Gatenby,

21 Mike Pointon

20 David Catherine, Mike Thornton

19 Maurice Nicholson

18 Bob Haigh

15 Malcolm Gilbert

11 Roger Stopford

10 Andrew Carter,

Ready to try again? Three more out of town greens for you to identify.

As usual they are all within 15 miles of Huddersfield town centre.

If you fancy your chances of naming any of them then use the form to submit your best guesses. One point for each green correctly identified. I'm keeping a running total of the best scores but this is just for fun, no prizes. Closing date for No.10 is late Wednesday and the answers will be online on Thursday along with the start of the Name the Green 11 competition.



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