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More shocks for top teams in Bistro Quarter-Finals

Veterans League

Four Division 1 teams featured in the Quarter-Finals of the 2023 Bistro KO but only one survived and progressed through to the Sem-Finals. That was Longwood who surprisingly beat the reigning title holders, Lockwood Con 'A', by 107-81. Their reward for that win is a Semi-Final tie against Brockholes 'A' who didn't need their 13 aggregate start to see off another Division 1 side in Lowerhouses.

The closest tie was between Division 5 leaders, Milnsbridge 'B' and Division 3 strugglers Lockwood Con 'B' where a 120-119 aggregate scoreline proved just enough to compensate Lockwood Con for their A team exit as their B team went through to the Semi-Finals after overcoming the 20-chalk aggregate start that Milnsbridge 'B' had.

QUARTER-FINALS Thursday 20 July

Thongsbridge A (+13) 103-98 Cowcliffe (+6) on Paddock I&C Lowerhouses (+6) 93-115 Brockholes A (+19) on Almondbury Lib Longwood (+3) 107-81 Lockwood Con A (Sc.) on Lindley Lib Milnsbridge B (+39) 119-120 Lockwood Con B (+19) on Linthwaite Hall

SEMI-FINALS Thursday 17 August

Thongsbridge 'A' (+13) v Brockholes 'A' (+19) Longwood ( +3) v Lockwood Con 'B' (+19)

The Semi-Finals take place on Thursday 17 August with the neutral venues still to be announced. The Final will be played at Brockholes on 21 September.

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Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin

Of course I have nothing against Thongsbridge I just hadn't picked up on the fact that you had beaten three Division 1 teams to reach this stage of the competition.

Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin

Adrian I have written to you separately to explain that my current personal circumstances don't allow me to be as thorough as I would like in compiling some of the HuddWeb reports. There is no bias against Thongsbridge or any other club.


How come you don’t mention Thongsbridge, we have knocked 3 Section 1 teams out or do you only report bad things about us.

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