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It’s Tuesday and I’m bored, feel the need to go somewhere, but the vets are away, of course they are, otherwise I wouldn’t be bored, I’d be busy preparing to do the refreshments. I wonder where they are playing, after all one can always go and watch, now we are allowed spectators again!

So I check all my lists and find they are playing at Hemplow, that’s ok, it’s not far away, a nice friendly club, provided one has the good

manners not to cheer when one of their players has a disaster and

should the weather spoil things and decide to rain, plenty of shelter.

However as I get ready to go out, one of my mental filing cabinets starts

to bleep, I ignore it, but it gets louder, obviously my memory is trying to

tell me something. Finally, the memory jumps up and down and in one

huge shout gets it’s message through MIDGES !!!

Ah yes, Hemplow the midge capital of the world, or so it often seems,

what was it that Fagin said “I think I’ll have to think it out again”. Last

time I was there it took a fortnight to get rid of all the bites, but that was

an evening and they prefer early morning and evenings, so maybe

afternoons will be ok. If you sit in front of the clubhouse, you are well

away from the bushes where they hang out, so that might be ok, trouble

is that if it rains the shelter is all at the other side.

The weather forecast is for light showers, sunny intervals, and light

winds, which sounds ok, so do I risk it or not. Oh why bother, either they are there or they are not, I have no plans to go on the green, so maybe they won’t see me as an enemy and try to

eat me or remove me from the green, and if they are a pest I can always

come home. Hemplow here I come.

With my apologies to my friends at Hemplow – Norma Maxwell

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