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Lower Division Trophy 2022 draw

Veterans League

There are 19 entries for the 2022 Lower Division Trophy (LDT) KO competition and the draw for the opening two rounds have now been completed and are below. The LDT competition is restricted to bowlers who play for teams in Divisions 3, 4 & 5 of the 10-Man League or in any of the 3 divisions of the 6-Man League. Any bowler who has played a match this season in Division 1 or 2 of the 10-Man League is not permitted to play.

The reigning 2019 Champion, Chris Sykes of Slaithwaite, is not eligible to defend his title as his team are now playing in Division 2 of the 10-Man league. Bowlers are handicapped based on the division that their team is bowling in.

Thorpe Green is the venue for the first two rounds which will both be played on Tuesday 12 July starting at the usual 1.30pm start time.

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