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Lockwood Con join the Winter League

Winter League

Lockwood Con is the latest team to sign up for the Winter League 2022-23 season and this is a landmark addition. Lockwood Con have won the Veterans League top division title for the past 7 seasons and are top of the latest table this year as well. This will inevitably push up the standard of competition even more and they are a very welcome addition.

And it is not only Lockwood Con that has signed up today for the new season as we also have a 12th new team as Paddock I&C have also entered a second team to play in the League for the 2022-23 season taking our new total to 39 teams. There are still 5 days to go before we close the door on new entries for the coming season so still time to add your own team to the list.

In addition, we can confirm that all 27 teams that played in the Winter League last season have signed up to continue membership for the 2022-23 season which starts in October. Add to those the 12 new teams that have come forward to join the League this year will see the competition expand from 3 Divisions to 5 Divisions playing on 5 different greens.

We currently have 39 teams lined up for the new season and the door remains open for new teams for a few more days. To help Veterans League teams complete their plans the deadline for new teams has been put back 48 hours until noon on Wednesday 6 July so allowing teams to meet and finalise arrangements on their usual Monday or Tuesday matchday.

Joining Lockwood Con for the 2022-23 Winter League season so far are also new teams from Paddock I&C 'B', Kirkheaton C&BC, Marsh Lib, Huddersfield RUBC, Netherton Con, Golcar C&BC, Brockholes 'B', Milnsbridge 'C', Springwood 'C', Lindley Lib 'B' and Almondbury BC 'B'. That means that we have six new clubs joining the League whilst 6 existing clubs extend their membership by adding more teams due to the high demand for playing time once bowlers have enjoyed their first experience of bowling during the winter months.

We have the capacity to take even more teams so this is an invitation to any teams interested in getting involved to get in touch now. You don't need to make your club green available for play as all matches will be played on our 5 host greens throughout the season. The League caters for all levels of bowling with County bowlers in our top division and first-season bowlers amongst our lower division teams. Ladies are as equally welcome as male bowlers, we don't differentiate at all.

If you are enjoying the summer bowling season and wish that it could last much longer, well now it does, since the formation of the first-ever winter league in Huddersfield 3 years ago. It is a different experience due to the format and community spirit that develops with the same 8 teams playing on the same green each week. The hospitality of the 5 host greens being key in promoting that coming together.

A good starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the Winter League and how it works is encouraged to read the posting entitled 'The Ultimate Guide to Winter Bowling'.

Any questions, information or details required should be directed to the League Secretary, Jeff Jacklin, and his contact details are below.

The League is now open to new team applications up until noon on Wednesday 6 July when registration will close and arrangements for the coming season can then begin. Applications should be made to the League Secretary by email at or by using the Contact Us facility on this website or by phone to 07968 171 197.

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