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Lindley BC AGM reveals average age surprise

Veterans League

The Lindley BC Veterans League representative, Philip Walker, emailed me to share a surprising fact about the club's veteran bowlers.

Lindley B.C. had its AGM last night and, apart from slashing subs from £45 to £30 for next year we discussed attracting and retaining bowlers. Our biggest attraction is charging only £10 for the first year.

What I’m coming to is the age profile of our Huddersfield Vets squad of bowlers. We had 37 registered last season (although a handful never played or only played a couple of games).

To make the point that we always need Vets bowlers ( and younger bowlers) I looked at the age profile of the 37 registered bowlers and was surprised to find that the average age was 76. We only have one bowler under 65 - he is the product of our 'youth policy!!!!!'.

I wonder what the average age of other teams is.

Have other clubs looked at the age factor among their teams?

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Nov 28, 2022

Following up on the Lindley Bowling Club average age posting I have done a similar exercise covering the 19 members we have at Greenhead Park. Strangely our average age is identical to that of Lindley with an average age of 76 years.

We have one member who hopefully will be 92 years in April, and another that will be 90 in December.

We had 7 new members join us last season and to attract them we offered a free 1 year membership. As treasurer my proposal for next year's fee will be £20 with a figure of £10 for members over 80 who have been members for over 10 years

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