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Learoyd and Canker Lane greens!!

I am grateful to Jeff Mellor for a copy (below) of the posting on the Huddersfield Then and Now website of the Learoyd bowling team from the mid-1960's. Jeff goes on to say that the club had their own green but it wasn't very good so they switched to one at Fartown. He also recalls that there used to be a green at Canker Lane. Neither of these greens are included in our list of 50 redundant greens so what can anyone tell us about the greens at Learoyd and Canker Lane?

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My dad jack Hodgson used to bowl at canker lane. It was used by the tramways teams. He would take me down there when he was practicing in the late 50s early 60s. I believe there were 2 greens there.

John Hodgson

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