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Ladies Pairs competition on Sunday

Ladies Works League Pairs Drawn Competition

It's a 10.00 am start on Sunday for the wonderfully welcome return of competition bowling. We have 28 players representing 7 teams, Alicia Dawn Photography, Bolster Moor Farm Shop, and Stait Kutz Hairdressers from section 1 and D.Haigh & Co, Colne Valley Garden Centre, Pauls Kitchens and Pearce Displays from section 2.

We will be playing in a round-robin format, guaranteeing 2 games for everyone. Group winners will then progress through to the semi-finals and then the final. Group winners will be decided on the basis of the most points scored in the 2 games. Any ties will then be decided by the least number of points against and if any ties are still occurring then the greater number of 4's, 3's, and 2's scored will determine the outcome.

Brockholes are very kindly providing the hospitality and catering so it's a day free from domestic goddesses duties for us all. In fact it promises to be a day that is a workout for the body the mind and the soul. Where else could you get all this tremendous therapy for £4? and entertainment thrown in too!

And lastly, a special message for those who are trying to win their first trophy, take heart from Richard Bland. Richard is a professional golfer on the European Tour who won his first competition earlier this year on the 478th time of trying! Who knows it could be your turn to lift the trophy on Sunday.

What is certain is that it will be an enjoyable and entertaining day, and no the draw will not be published, so you will all be kept in rapturous suspense wondering who your partner is for a few more days! See you all ready for the off at 10.00 am sharp on Sunday.

Good luck to you all

The Committee.

5th August 2021.

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