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Ladies move closer to 10 May start

Ladies Works League

The League continues to prepare for the 2021 season with the provisional start date of 10 May still very much in focus. Currently the League is looking for confirmation from teams that they are able to field teams for the coming season. Once they are updated on numbers then the format of the competition can be finalised. A deadline of Saturday 13 March has been set for clubs to respond to the correspondence sent to each club already (copy below). All those clubs that have already responded have indicated that they are able to field full teams and are looking forward to returning to the green.

Cheery greetings all Captains

We hope you are all well. Just a few things to update you on.

We are all still eagerly awaiting guidance about organised outdoor sport from Sport England. As soon as this is available the BCGBA will be able to guide and support us in our plans for the forthcoming season.

Ten teams have replied so far to the request about team availability. Of those every team has a full squad and are ready to play which is very encouraging. We know that a couple of other teams are definitely entering a team and are just working out final player numbers.

That leaves a few teams that we know nothing about. The date to let us know by is the 13th March – it would be much appreciated if everyone could respond by this date. If there are difficulties responding by this date please let us know.

Until we know the exact number of teams and whether every team can field 8 players then we cannot make the best decisions about the format of the League.

We know that it has been, and continues to be a very challenging year for everyone but optimism is returning. Rest assured that we will do our very best for everyone – we do not want to lose any teams/bowlers if we can help it.

On another positive note, the Pauls Kitchens team (Bradley) has been resurrected with the help of some players from The Groom Room (Paddock C & B).

OK I’m off to the dentist now, I wonder if there’s any chance of a trim if they are quiet? Just dreaming!

Best wishes


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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Mar 11, 2021

Thanks for the updates , 🤞🤞10th May

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