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Junior League massive fundraising target

Junior League

The Huddersfield Junior League are new members to the HuddWeb Portal of Huddersfield based leagues website and about the embark on a massive fundraising project. The League has been successful in a bid to join the Kirklees 'One Community Match It Fund'. This is a project which will match £ for £ any donations the League receives between now and the end of January. The target is to raise £5,000 which will then be doubled to £10,000 by the Match It scheme.

The interruption of COVID has damaged many bowling leagues but none more likely so than the Junior League. With a bunch of 16 year-olds no longer eligible to play in the league and a year off so no chance to recruit replacements the future of junior bowling is uncertain.

League Secretary, Geoff Martin, is really concerned that the good work done over a number of years could be overtaken by a reduction in the number of bowlers and teams playing in the League next year. He wants to remind everyone about the benefits of our sport to all but especially the younger ones.

'Restart in 2021' is a campaign to attract young bowlers to the sport after a torrid year. All the money raised through the Match It project will be used to re-energise the push to get youngsters to play crown green bowls and introduce the many benefits to a wider audience.

Geoff says ...

'Many of our former juniors enjoyed their time while playing in The Huddersfield Junior League. Friendships forged and relationships made. Some say the best time of their life.

It would be a shame to lose our association due to the effects of this awful virus. Any donation to help keep our league going would be much appreciated.'

Geoff has ambitious plans to use the money raised to galvanise local junior bowling and you can read what those plans are and how you can help by following this link.

The fund has now passed the £1,000 milestone but still a long way to go. Donate Now

We are pleased to add the Junior League to HuddWeb and support their campaign to raise £10,000 for junior bowling in Huddersfield. Is your League on HuddWeb? Maybe you would like to draw the benefits of being part of the local bowling community's internet presence to your League Officials. Full details

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Dec 13, 2020

Good luck to the Junior League and it’s fund raising plans. I guarantee that just getting publicity on this web site will generate donations to your League.

Philip of Lindley

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