'Match It' Appeal

The Huddersfield Junior Crown Green Bowling Association is one of 60 local organisations that have been accepted into the 'One Community Match It' appeal. This is a Huddersfield Charity that supports local voluntary organisations by providing funds to improve access to, and the facilities of, these organisations.

The Match It Project runs until the end of January and in that time every pound that the organisation raises or receives in donations is matched by the Project up to a maximum of £5,000. So if the Junior League manages to secure £5,000 in donations the Match It Project will double that total up to £10,000. It is an amazing opportunity for the Junior League to make a major impact on how local bowling is funded for our junior bowlers.

Individuals and businesses are now invited to support this scheme by making a donation directly into the Junior League's Fund via their Just Giving Page.

There is only around 7 weeks left before the gates close on this scheme and we know it is Christmas but this is a great opportunity that deserves your support.

I asked Geoff Martin (Junior League Secretary) what they would do with £10,000 if they managed to raise that amount. He is not short of ideas. He is very concerned about the impact the COVID-19 enforced break has done to junior bowling and wants to launch a massive 'Restart 2021' campaign backed up with the funding to pay for:


  • Running taster sessions at local clubs, schools and youth organisations such as Scouts and Guides

  • Buy suitable bowls and equipment for young bowlers

  • Run professional coaching sessions outdoors and indoors

  • Finance travelling for teams in the Inter-District competitions

  • Branded sportswear for league teams

  • New league trophies


It is the season of good will to all men, especially young bowlers, so have a think about what help you got when you started bowling. If it was a good experience then repay that debt by donating to this project. If it wasn't a good experience then think about what would have made it better for you and could you do the same for a young boy or girl today by adding to this scheme which is a one-off chance to double your donation.

Full details of the Match It Project 

Follow this link to make your donation 

     Thank you