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John Hoyle Memorial Trophy

League News

The first holding of the John Hoyle Memorial Trophy was staged at Moldgreen Cons last Friday with Mick Cox the first name to be added to the new trophy.

The John Hoyle Memorial Trophy has been presented to the Veterans League by the family of the late John Hoyle who sadly died whilst in office as President having been the General Secretary for four years. It was decided to invite the bowlers from the Veterans two Inter-District teams, of which John was a proud member, to compete for this new trophy on an annual basis from 2021. It was poignant that the first running of the competition was held on 24 September 2021 which would have been John’s 77th birthday.

The hosts for this competition were Huddersfield Recreation Club at their Moldgreen Cons home. John’s bowling career started at the old Leeds Road bowling greens of the ICI Recreation Club which, after several changes of name, became Canalside. John was instrumental in negotiating with the owners of Canalside to facilitate the club's move to the Moldgreen Conservative Club with a change of name to Huddersfield Recreation.

In attendance were many members of John's family including his wife Doreen and sons Jonathan and Jeremy, many of the family had travelled many miles to attend this celebratory event in honour of John.

The new cup was presented to Mick Cox by Doreen Hoyle and Mick said being the first name on the trophy meant so much to him because he had so much respect for John as both a bowler and for his contribution to the Veterans League and bowling.

All the proceeds for the day which amounted to £500 are to be presented to Kirkwood Hospice.

Round 1

P Hopkinson 8 v K Brown 21

D Simmons 10 v R Manning 21

B Gibson 17 v M Cox 21

M Gilbert 21 v A Carter 15

P Rangeley 21 v D Pollard 17

Edwin Haigh 21 v F Griffin 20

D Hewitt 21 v F Greenwood 10

E Haigh 11 v T Poulter 21


K Brown 21 v R Manning 15

M Cox 21 v M Gilbert 15

P Rangeley 16 v Edwin Haigh 21

D Hewitt 18 v T Poulter 21


K Brown 20 v M Cox 21

Edwin Haigh 18 v T Poulter 21


M Cox 21 v T Poulter 14

Photographs courtesy of Frank Greenwood and Richard Armitage

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