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Inter-District team loses match but stay top, just

Veterans League

A first defeat of the Inter-District League season for the Huddersfield representative team failed to knock them off the top of the Yorkshire table but it was a close thing. A 25-31 defeat by 2nd in the table Leeds eroded the 12-point lead they held before Friday's 5th round of matches.

The home team went down 13-15 on the Marsh United green whilst the away team collected a creditable 12-points on the Rothwell BC green. Leeds are the surprise package in the League this season after returning to the competition for the first time since pre-Covid. They stay in equal 2nd place alongside reigning Champions West Riding.

Attention now turns to the two remaining sets of fixtures for each team. The full set of fixtures at the foot of this posting shows that none of the top three teams have to play each other. The Huddersfield and Leeds teams both have to play 5th placed Bradford and both Huddersfield and the West Riding team have to play 4th placed Halifax. It certainly looks like being the closest finish for many years and will probably go through to the final day of the season before it gets resolved.


Friday 28 July

Skipton (289) 34-22 (257) Wakefield Leeds (293) 31-25 (285) Huddersfield Castleford (216) 16-40 (297) Halifax Bradford (265) 18-38 (312) West Riding


Friday 11 August

Wakefield v Leeds

Skipton v Castleford

Huddersfield v Bradford

Halifax v West Riding

Friday 1 September

Castleford v Wakefield

Bradford v Leeds West Riding v Skipton

Huddersfield v Halifax

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